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    Wine Terrace and Spa Gereben Marián Architects Ltd.

    "Situated close to Eger, at the foot of Nagy Eged Hill, a wine terrace is to be built on the vineyard grounds belonging to the Csutorás Winery. Serving as an ideal location for wine tastings, the wine terrace is complemented by 4 small huts and a lookout, located at the edge of the site. The huts resemble the archaic buildings of the wine region with their characteristic proportions and use of materials. The folded roof structure of the terrace provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenic view with a glass of wine"

  2. Belle Architecture en bois par l’agence tectône dans le quartier de www.cosyworking.com

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    Parque natural da ilha do fogo

    Fogo • Cape Verde

    By OTO architects

    via Archdaily Brasil

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    The “first man-made biological leaf” could enable humans to colonise space»

  5. Carlo Scarpa, escalier #stair #metal #scarpa #escalier


  6. Stairs from Ruetemple russian architect #stairs #filet #house #wood #net


  7. DE munster leonardo campus fh design und kunstbibliothek uitbr 04 2011 buhler & buhler_ zauberscho(e)n (leonardo campus) / The best of Flickr Archiref Group http://ift.tt/GXUjgR

  8. alphen ad rijn chocoladefabriek baronie 14 1954 swaneveld f_goslinga st 2013 s2 arch (eikenlaan) / The best of Flickr Archiref Group http://ift.tt/GXUjgR

  9. Sean Godsell Architects / Peninsula House / Mornington Peninsula / Victoria / Australia / 2001


  10. Carter/Tucker House, Victoria, Australia, by Sean Godsell [1998-2000]


  11. Minimal #stair #concrete #rampe #lisse Alex Popov Associates. Canopy apartments #3


  12. RMIT Design Hub | SGA: Sean Godsell Architects


  13. Escalier on Archiref.com by Olivier Boiron #stairs #wood #renovation


  14. Galerie Victor Emmanuel II - Milan - Italie / The best of Flickr Archiref Group http://ift.tt/GXUjgR

  15. YAK01 / AA-D #wood #glass #stairs #minimal #architecture